Love Works Podcast w/J&P Bennu

At the intersection of family, business, art, & culture: Love Works is a casual and nerdy conversation btw Pierre & Jamyla Bennu, the couple who work together to bring you and Come hang out and laugh with us after the kiddos go to bed.
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Nov 6, 2017

Halloween traditions discussed. The "break" side of breakdancing after 40. Various nostalgic feelings about audio content of our youth. The commitment to throw more basement parties. A gardening mystery. And the worst idea for a new podcast, ever. 

J is binging Easy Rawlins mysteries by Walter Mosley, and manages to be nerdy about it. P introduces us to the most macabre disco song ever. 

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Oct 25, 2017

Have you recently given thought to the way you use your living space? Or how your living space reflects/informs/affects your experience and relationships? We explore this and other questions both architectural and existential, while folding laundry.

Also: the power of boredom, reasons to stop complaining, and praise for stretchy pants and other technologies that changed our lives. 

Oct 16, 2017

We don't talk about politics by talking almost exclusively about politics for the entire episode. Also: Cultural alchemy and the power of joy; creating new things and loving your work; heroic narratives in pop culture; and how we wish we ate as well as our children. 

Additionally: J gets rhapsodic about Ramez Naam's Nexus trilogy and P gets interested in Benjamin Clementine's new album. 

Welcome to season 2! 

Oct 5, 2017

How many faces is it humanly possible to remember? In this episode we try to get healthy by cutting stress and bread; tease new products and merch at Oyin and Exittheapple, speak about standup comedy,  household chores, and evolutionary biology. 

Welcome to the 10th episode of our NOW WEEKLY podcast! 


*air horn sounds kept to a minimum in this episode, you're welcome* 

Sep 3, 2017

We briefly touch upon some of the recent goings-on that have kept us from uploading a podcast, including having recorded like 3 podcasts that we didn't upload. lol. Also! N.K.Jemisin has won a 2nd Hugo award, and we invite her onto the podcast bc what better way for her to celebrate? lol. Pierre is revisiting podcasts from his DJ past and Jamyla is reminiscing over Spelman.

How was your summer? 

Holla at a sample of P's Concept Mixtape Eclectica here: 

Apr 20, 2017

High energy rapid fire episode containing the case for not juice cleansing! Soylent and other innovations inspired by scifi! Complaints about hair-related privilege! and roughly 157 other additional topics of conversation and then we end with J psychologically tricking Pierre into falling in love with her. Boom! 

Mar 30, 2017

Does each item you own bring you joy? In this episode we talk about: not being minimalists but also getting rid of All The Things; parenting on the spectrum and the hidden gifts of autism; brutal magical fiction; and con artistry. There are also a fair amount of The Color Purple quotes. Get ready. 

Jan 29, 2017

Pierre pressed record while we were having our midnight snack and folding clothes so this is a sneak attack episode. Still... we manage to discuss strategies for resistance, kiddo birthday parties, New Edition, and coming of age before the internetwebs. Hi. Remember us? 

political action resources mentioned: 


Dec 7, 2016

Do you watch the news? Or nah? In this episode we talk about: propaganda vs affirmation, creating holiday traditions, black friday and the retail of the future, and a rant about songwriting which comes full circle.

Oct 31, 2016
Hey remember how we said we'd be talking about small business stuff? In this episode we talk about encouraging creative children, one of our favorite entrepreneurship books, and some completely not morbid at all thoughts about death.
Oct 16, 2016

Never trust advice accompanied by a "boom!" In this episode we talk about: facebook memories, autism spectrum/neurological atypicality, TV of Color, declining to vent, and P taking L's.

Also music and books of course, as per our custom. What are YOU reading? What's on your playlist?      

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Sep 26, 2016
  When's the last time you hugged a stranger?  In this episode we talk about: electronics time, baltimore book festival, the cultural invisibility of 40-somethings, and community care through trauma. How are y'all doing? ------------  
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Sep 14, 2016


Join us as we work out the kinks of our new podcast format & talk about: back to school joy, new books/new music, celebrity nonsense, & the power of not sharing.  We're P&J Bennu... we've been married since the turn of the century & we work together at and  Love Works is our return to podcasting after more than 5 yrs away raising children and building our businesses. 

This podcast sits at the intersection of family, entrepreneurship, art, & culture. Come hang out with us after the kiddos go to bed.
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----- Show Notes ----  
Get into this amazingness: N.K. Jemisin's Hundred Thousand Kingdoms and OMGOODNESS I hadn't even realized she just won a HUGO a couple weeks ago! whoohoo! 
Get ready for next week w/Luvvie's new book I'm Judging You
PHILLY! Come see us on Sept 16th at Blackstar At The Barnes <-- click for tix!